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us [05 Jun 2008|08:14pm]

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[06 May 2008|01:55am]

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FURB [28 Mar 2008|09:18pm]

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ok [16 Mar 2008|09:42pm]

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[28 Jan 2008|09:54am]

ChumkidTD (9:51:35 AM): why does garfield only hate mondays
ChumkidTD (9:51:39 AM): he doesn't even go to work
J S A12387 (9:51:49 AM): he feels john's pain
ChumkidTD (9:51:56 AM): he hates john
J S A12387 (9:52:01 AM): no nick!
J S A12387 (9:52:03 AM): not really!
ChumkidTD (9:52:05 AM): he should be happy that john has to go to work
J S A12387 (9:52:05 AM): he acts like it
J S A12387 (9:52:14 AM): but deep down...hes got a soft spot for old john
ChumkidTD (9:52:17 AM): when john's at work he's not there to tell garfield how fat and lazy he is
J S A12387 (9:52:37 AM): but deep down...hes got a soft spot for old john
J S A12387 (9:52:46 AM): OK?!
ChumkidTD (9:52:50 AM): oh wait, that's just a hairball
ChumkidTD (9:52:55 AM): call me when the lasagna's ready -_-
J S A12387 (9:53:01 AM): alright nick
J S A12387 (9:53:02 AM): youre right
J S A12387 (9:53:08 AM): you figured out the secret
J S A12387 (9:53:26 AM): (_l_)-<r now im sorry, but im going to have to kill you
J S A12387 (9:53:35 AM): any last words?
ChumkidTD (9:53:37 AM): -_- i hate mondays
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Doinelita (2:57:00 AM): ~im not on the list oops~ [18 Jan 2008|02:57am]

Doinelita (2:55:09 AM): omg the guernica one
J S A12387 (2:55:11 AM): im like @__@
Doinelita (2:55:13 AM): is O_O
Doinelita (2:55:14 AM): IK
J S A12387 (2:55:15 AM): IK
J S A12387 (2:55:16 AM): loling
Doinelita (2:55:17 AM): loling
J S A12387 (2:55:18 AM): all of them
J S A12387 (2:55:18 AM): omg
J S A12387 (2:55:23 AM): that was creepy
Doinelita (2:55:24 AM): twins
Doinelita (2:55:29 AM): siamese twins
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[17 Jan 2008|12:14am]

[ mood | drunk ]

is anyone out there...there...there...there...there...there...there

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[30 Dec 2007|04:21pm]

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[13 Dec 2007|06:18pm]

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chemotherapy in habbo [09 Nov 2007|03:25pm]

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ChumkidTD (5:02:08 PM): it's clear as crystal (~) [08 Nov 2007|06:15pm]

Attention All Resident Students

The City of Worcester is currently doing work on water lines that is
causing some of the residence halls to have rusty water.  This work
could go on for a few days.  Please check the water before using it,
especially before doing laundry.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Residence Life
at 508-929-8074.

Thank you.
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hoochie mama! [05 Nov 2007|09:43pm]

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J S A12387 (2:55:07 AM): i hope to see some funny sbhwqz [03 Nov 2007|03:04am]

ru really daniell radcliff from harry potter email me back at christa.hunte

dan im srry if i made u mad u emma and rupert made me so upset u guys can a
ctually judge people before u meet them dan i really like u plz email me ba

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Doinelita (3:42:59 PM): fag family [01 Nov 2007|03:52pm]

J S A12387 (3:51:36 PM): 8====D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ChumkidTD (3:51:41 PM): no!
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[27 Oct 2007|02:03pm]

ChumkidTD (12:46:00 PM): hey i want to talk to you about something
Pokemon33 returned at 1:27:16 PM.
Pokemon33 (1:31:25 PM): sup?
ChumkidTD (1:32:32 PM): hey
ChumkidTD (1:32:42 PM): what did you mean the other day when you said your mom was being yelled at?
Pokemon33 (1:33:09 PM): oh..that
Pokemon33 (1:33:14 PM): 1 sec, on phone
ChumkidTD (1:33:22 PM): master of suspense
Pokemon33 went idle at 1:43:15 PM.
Pokemon33 returned at 1:52:58 PM.
ChumkidTD (1:56:42 PM): hi
Pokemon33 (1:56:48 PM): yo
Pokemon33 (1:56:53 PM): off the hone now
Pokemon33 (1:56:56 PM): err, phone*
ChumkidTD (1:56:57 PM): good lol
Pokemon33 (2:00:31 PM): so what I was refering too
Pokemon33 (2:00:43 PM): my mom and her b/f were having a long winded arguement
Pokemon33 (2:00:50 PM): and it was annoying me
ChumkidTD (2:00:58 PM): oh
ChumkidTD (2:01:02 PM): I thought she was in trouble or something
ChumkidTD (2:01:08 PM): it was weird, i was worried
Pokemon33 (2:01:18 PM): o.O
Pokemon33 (2:01:19 PM): k
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Doinelita (1:19:59 AM): people have been raising children for millions of years [26 Oct 2007|01:50am]

ChumkidTD (5:23:32 PM): get your kettle corn money ready!
ChumkidTD (5:35:31 PM): but that's me, not you
ChumkidTD (7:32:45 PM): "feeling awesome but mom's being yelled at"
ChumkidTD (7:33:06 PM): Feelin' awesome except my mom's gettin yelled at again :\
ChumkidTD (7:39:57 PM): it's '
ChumkidTD wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\DSC00513.JPG (7:41:38 PM).
ChumkidTD (7:44:43 PM): topes always lose in the end1
ChumkidTD (7:45:16 PM): what is yes
ChumkidTD (7:56:31 PM): floops ta roops
ChumkidTD (7:56:33 PM): it's not just tope
ChumkidTD (7:56:36 PM): its nick and tope!
ChumkidTD (7:56:41 PM): don't forget about me!
ChumkidTD (9:37:55 PM): yeah, if you pull your head outta your ass
ChumkidTD (9:50:35 PM): are you excited for i am legend
ChumkidTD (9:52:28 PM): they want use to have this convo
ChumkidTD (9:52:33 PM): it's working!
ChumkidTD (9:53:04 PM): it must have something to do with the ~aliens~
ChumkidTD (10:12:16 PM): send me an im
J S A12387 (10:14:19 PM): k
ChumkidTD (10:14:41 PM): thanks a million, jace
ChumkidTD (10:14:45 PM): you're worthless
ChumkidTD (10:14:48 PM): i mean priceless
ChumkidTD (10:15:28 PM): ARSE!
ChumkidTD (10:15:52 PM): whoa /o_o/
ChumkidTD signed off at 10:55:00 PM.
ChumkidTD signed on at 10:55:05 PM.
ChumkidTD signed off at 10:56:23 PM.
ChumkidTD signed on at 10:56:29 PM.
ChumkidTD (10:56:35 PM): ~_~
ChumkidTD (11:02:27 PM): New AIM has such delightful features as not letting you IM jason saint amand.
ChumkidTD (11:02:33 PM): wow, thanks new aim!
ChumkidTD (9:27:12 AM): ROCKIUNG
ChumkidTD (9:27:34 AM): that's what I saaid lassy
ChumkidTD (9:31:34 AM): budge futtons
ChumkidTD (9:33:54 AM): i'm not allowed to hug babies because I might crush them
ChumkidTD (9:34:04 AM): and I'll never know the tender touch of a woman
ChumkidTD (9:34:09 AM): you're a priest!
ChumkidTD (9:34:21 AM): you're a kitty tup!
ChumkidTD (9:34:58 AM): how's mrs. buzzso doing?!
ChumkidTD (9:36:00 AM): nicolas krystal raymond
ChumkidTD (9:36:19 AM): nicolas michael buzzso
ChumkidTD (9:36:29 AM): if it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me!
ChumkidTD (9:37:43 AM): yeah, i'm terrified of the moon~
ChumkidTD (9:37:53 AM): please, stop waxing and waning~
ChumkidTD (9:38:26 AM): what kind of spyglass glasses are you wearing!
ChumkidTD (9:41:18 AM): then you did :O and I said "yeah, I know the weather. i've been on this earth long enough to know what the temp feels like"
ChumkidTD (9:41:19 AM): loling
ChumkidTD (9:41:23 AM): but i was so very, very wrong
ChumkidTD (9:42:36 AM): don't walk away from me!
ChumkidTD (9:42:43 AM): WE'LL SETTLE THIS LATER!
J S A12387 (11:22:34 AM): calm down
ChumkidTD (11:23:00 AM): about what
ChumkidTD (11:26:13 AM): so rare~
ChumkidTD (11:28:17 AM): i think I'll be bold and use white today~
ChumkidTD (11:30:55 AM): what do you think is the scariest food
ChumkidTD (11:35:33 AM): is it real
ChumkidTD (11:36:26 AM): is it... is it real?
ChumkidTD (11:36:31 AM): can I...touch it?!
ChumkidTD (11:49:15 AM): webdings
ChumkidTD (11:49:22 AM): ASDFGHJK
J S A12387 (11:49:28 AM): calm down
ChumkidTD (11:49:28 AM): QERTI
ChumkidTD (11:49:34 AM): THIS IS MY LANDSCCA{E
ChumkidTD (3:06:24 PM): i dont like 5.30
ChumkidTD (3:07:33 PM): you and your tv addiction
ChumkidTD (3:07:35 PM): you need help!
ChumkidTD (5:06:42 PM): mom's getting yelled at again
ChumkidTD (5:49:18 PM): thanks
ChumkidTD (5:55:04 PM): 5:55:55
ChumkidTD (5:55:05 PM): 5:55:55
ChumkidTD (5:55:06 PM): 5:55:55
ChumkidTD (11:09:01 PM): what place do you think you would come in in a worldwide karate tournament
J S A12387 (11:09:53 PM): well
J S A12387 (11:09:55 PM): i know id beat you!
J S A12387 (11:10:01 PM): so not last
ChumkidTD (11:10:06 PM): -_-
ChumkidTD (11:10:11 PM): I'd beat you, first of all
ChumkidTD (11:10:20 PM): and secondly, you'd lose against any professional atlete
ChumkidTD (11:10:25 PM): anyone from china, japan, korea
ChumkidTD (11:10:27 PM): all of asia
ChumkidTD (11:10:37 PM): so you're already looking at 3 billion
ChumkidTD (11:10:45 PM): but then you've got the rest of the world to contend with!
ChumkidTD (11:10:57 PM): good luck kid, you're gonna need it!
ChumkidTD (11:12:42 PM): time for night 2 of the nick sleep experiment
ChumkidTD (11:13:28 PM): i'll put it on my blog
ChumkidTD (11:14:04 PM): it's quite easy2guess
ChumkidTD (11:16:48 PM): see you in the morning!
J S A12387 (11:16:52 PM): ~**~
ChumkidTD (11:16:53 PM): I'll report my findings
ChumkidTD (11:17:09 PM): loling
ChumkidTD (11:17:23 PM): the company big shot~
ChumkidTD (11:17:58 PM): his plate should be OEO O O
J S A12387 (11:18:07 PM): why
ChumkidTD (11:18:15 PM): for the zong
ChumkidTD signed off at 11:26:30 PM.
ChumkidTD signed on at 11:26:31 PM.
ChumkidTD signed off at 11:47:07 PM.
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I just got the memo! [03 Oct 2007|11:57am]

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people with lazy eye [05 Sep 2007|12:53am]

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wut [31 Aug 2007|10:54am]

goreanbot10 (10:45:52 AM): Welcome to chat9, the intellectual philosophy chat. Current Topic: Which knowledge is greater, that which is useful, or that which is useless and is learned out of leisure? Which is desired more highly? Which do we call wisdom?
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In other news [25 Aug 2007|03:18pm]


Wii, wii, wii all the way home!Collapse )
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